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2023-06-05: "People Are Such Morons"

Maybe it's just you, actually.

2023-05-21: Doom Eternal Is Just Okay

Why can't you be more like your big brother?!

2023-04-13: The Quake Club And Its Consequences

That is not dead which can eternal lie...

2023-04-05: Truly Amazing How Terrible Smartphones Are

Old man yells at cloud.

2023-03-05: YOUR MOTHER


2023-02-25: What Did They Mean By This?

Good art makes you think.

2023-02-12: The Trouble With Rent

Them dang ol' contradictions are at it again.

2023-02-10: Look What They Did To My Boy(s)

The commodification of art and its consequences.

2023-01-20: Some Albums Are Simply Not Suited For Vinyl

And that's perfectly okay.

2023-01-13: The Horror Of The Average Computing Experience

There is no good, merely lesser evil.

2022-12-02: Lovecraft's Racism

What a shame!

2022-11-30: What I Love Most About Quake

A love letter to the game that changed my life.

2022-11-17: Sewage Infused Garbage World

Every new thing in the world is garbage made of shit.

2022-11-01: Why Isn't There A Standard IM Protocol?

And why do I have five apps that do the same thing?

2022-10-24: President Failson

Hey, at least he'll be hilarious in retrospect.

1970-01-01: Test Post

Test blog post.

$ cd ~