Some more info about me and this website.

About me

Hi, I'm Nat. If you saw the landing page, you've probably gathered that by now. I've had a lifelong love for computing and art, particularly programming and music. I've also had a long-running interest in political philosophy, and generally find myself most agreeing with the Anarchists and Marxists. I picked up cooking over the pandemic around the same time that I lost my sense of smell (presumably as some cruel cosmic joke), and I pride myself as a pretty competent home cook. I also enjoy writing every now and then, which you can see in the blog section.

I am, by any definition, a rather queer person. I think much differently than most people I know thanks to a potent combination of autism and ADD. I have a respectable collection of bizarre interests that, as far as I know, only I care about. My gender identity fluctuates seemingly at random, defying any attempts to meaningfully define it. I love a lot of stuff that probably sucks by any objective measure. In short - I'm a rather queer person.

About this site

This site is written entirely by hand using plain old HTML and CSS. I'm not a web developer, so don't expect anything terribly fancy here. Some stuff might be busted. I made this site to be my own little home on the web and serve as a hub for everything "me", independent of the restrictions and fickleness of other platforms. If you're reading this, I encourage you to do something like this too, and I'll be glad to help if you reach out.

The font used on this website is Liberation Mono by Steve Matteson, and the background image is a photograph by David Carson used as artwork for The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails.

Works cited

A large messy list of media that's had some kind of marked influence on who I am as a person, organized roughly by medium.






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